What we're all about... 

Our goal is to inspire children to express their creativity and uniqueness. We currently offer dance and creative movement classes, song and play based early learning classes, and playtimes full of exploratory learning activities! We also hold little feet summer camps, special events, birthday parties, and offer preschool/daycare programs.  


Little Feet Dance Street programs are held at King's Chapel in Glenmont, NY.    





Rebecca Marcello - Owner/Instructor/Facilitator


Little Feet Dance Street was established in 2015.  Rebecca is the owner, instructor, and facilitator of Little Feet Dance Street and all of its programs.  She has her BSW from Suny Brockport (2003), teaches dance, and sings professionally with Young @ Heart, performing songs from the '20's- 70's, "the way you remember them." She is also the mother of three little feet, who are also happy clients!


Throughout her life, Rebecca has had a passion and love for music, song, and dance. They are part of who she is.  She consider's it a joy to encourage others through music and dance and to inspire that love in them.  Rebecca started dancing at age 5, has taught dance since 2013, and sang professionally with an acapella group, the GTO's, from 2003 until they disolved in 2013. The GTO's performed and were well known throughout the capital region.


Rebecca is now a full time mom, part time Little Feet instructor, and full time business owner. A "working mom" who gets to bring her children to work with her, a place they love to be. Rebecca first started teaching Caregiver assisted dance classes in 2015 with her 2 youngest children participating. Playgroups were added in an effort to provide an environment where children could learn, and work on social skills and where parents and caregivers could connect with their children and other caregivers. The pre-school learning component was added in 2016, has developed into a song and play based learning program!

Rebecca continues to expand and develop the programs being offered. When your work is your fun place to be, a place where you can watch   own children and so many others learn, freely move around, dance, create, and explore together, you feel blessed. 


It is a tremendous blessing to be partnered with King's Chapel Church. Without their support, it would not be possible to offer all that we are able to now offer! On the wall there, in huge letters, is the word "Community." That's what Little Feet Dance Street is all about and why we fit right in at King's Chapel.


Rebecca would love the opportunity to play, dance, and sing with your Little Feet! Call or email her to sign up or with questions!

"There are many colors.  Different like you and me. Different but together, and special as can be." -Miss Rebecca's Color song.






Our Philosophy on Dance and Development 

Are there rules during class?

YES! Have fun, and safety first!

Always keep a close watch on your little one.  During class each “grown up friend” should make sure their little one is not touching the speakers and cords, etc.  It’s OK if your little one wanders- especially if they are young or new to a structured class.  We just ask that you keep your child/ren from running around the room or being aggressive with others. 

We do have a “cootie bin”.  If your little one places something in his/her mouth, please place it in the cootie bin!



Do Grown up friends needs to participate? 

YES!  Modeling is important!  

It might feel silly, but dancing, singing, and playing instruments along with your child is good for them AND good for you!  Your little one will feel encouraged to participate when they see and hear you doing it.  You don’t need to be a great dancer, you just need to move!.  You don’t need to sing WELL, you just need to sing!  It is also a great bonding experience to participate together.  Focus on your child, have fun, and don’t worry about what you look or sound like.  And feel free to get creative.  Your participation and creativity will inspire theirs.



Should I leave if my child is crying?

NO! A crying child is NOT disturbing our class! Well, maybe a little… but we’ve all been there and they will learn to get through it!

Every child has their moments.  Putting things away, sharing, and taking turns are LEARNED behaviors.  If your child has a difficult time, I would encourage you to help them work through it.  For example, you can try to distract them with another item or take them aside and let them calm down.  Most of the time, within a few moments, they forget they are upset and start having fun again.  But please do not feel discouraged- we have ALL been there! And we are all here to support each other through this learning process!  These skills can be difficult to learn, but are so important to healthy development!


Should I expect my child to participate the entire time? 

No! Encourage participation, but don’t get discouraged!

Ideally, every child would sit and participate.  But each child is different.  They develop in different ways at different paces, have different interests, and they are each learning in their own way.  So encourage your child to participate with us, but remember that they are learning.  It can be a longer process for some than for others and they are all in different stages of learning. Younger children will not participate at the same level as older children, but will learn from watching them!



Should my child be doing exactly what the instructor is doing?

NO! Some will try, some will not.  Feel free to modify movements and encourage creativity! 

Not all children participate at the same level.  Younger children will not participate at the same level as older children.  For example, as older children are jumping, younger ones may be bouncing.  Some children need time to observe before they feel comfortable enough to participate.  Keep in mind, they are still learning, even if they are not fully participating! Simply being exposed to the rhythms, movements, and activities is beneficial.  They will learn from watching the instructor, and the modeling of their caregiver and the older children.  Continue to encourage them and you will find that as they grow and the more they are exposed, the more they will be able and willing to do!   


Children are like sponges and you will be surprised how much they are soaking up! 


If your child is smaller and needs to be picked up to dance or wants to be held, feel free to pick them up while we dance.  For example, hold them while YOU twist and bend, or have them bounce on your lap while others are marching.  Or, interact with them to encourage participation.  You can hold their hands to march together, hold the drum while they bang on it, or keep them on your lap and move their arms and legs for them.  


We want to encourage the children to express themselves through dance.  If they are doing their own creative movements during the songs, let’s encourage them! 


Dancing in a group setting requires confidence and freedom.  We are working to build confidence and the ability to express oneself freely without inhibitions.  Building confidence and breaking down inhibitions can take time.  Allow your child the time to grow in confidence so that they can experience the freedom to dance, sing, and play together! 

'Miss Rebecca' truely has a gift for working with little people. Her ideas are creative and exciting and kids are sure to always have a great time!"


Charity- son, age 2