Classes and Programs

Fundergarten, Shake, Rattle &Roll, Tippy Toe Toddlers, and Let's Play are held are held throughout the school year in 10 week sessions.  Anyone enrolled in Dance has the option to add Fundergarten.  Playgroup following class is included at no additional cost and is always open for other children to drop in ($5/child).  We also offer "summer camp", do birthday parties, and host preschool field trips.  Siblings under 1 are always free, and we offer siblings discounts and financial aid (just ask!).


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Community Playgroup (Lunch Bunch/Let's Play)

Our goal is to create an environment that will encourage children to exercise their creativity and imagination and that is safe and interesting to explore.  This play time is unstructured and includes various developmental stations for creative exploration and socialization. Caregivers watch and encourage the children as they move freely between stations and develop their creativity in fun and imaginative ways. Stations include fine motor (building, stacking, etc.), gross motor (tunnels, sports items, ride on toys, etc.), sensory/craft (various doughs, projects, coloring, etc.), and creative play.  


This is a wonderful, interactive learning experience for you and your child. Fun, relaxed, creative play time. Great spot for playdates.  Pack a lunch to enjoy in the Lobby. With caregivers present, this program is appropriate for all children up to age 5.You can drop in anytime. See prices and policies for further details! Siblings under 1 are free! 



Shake Rattle & Roll (Dance Class- Ages 0-5)

In this caregiver assisted music and movement class, your child will learn the basic elements of dance, creative movement, and rhythm as they sing, use instruments, and explore music and dance using various props and themed items each week! Children are encouraged to explore their creativity through movement and dance. Our music and movement classes allow for freedom of movement and play and a basic understanding of dance and rhythm.  caregiver assists each child with participation, therefore each child is able to participate at their own ability level. Caregivers are also encouraged to participate as modeling participation is beneficial! 


Musical interaction with your child will be a special and unique bonding experience! As you model and assist, you will watch you child improve and grow.  Young children can bounce along on your your lap and watch as the older children move around, each at thier own level. Assisted by their caregiver, children of all ages and abilities are able to participate in and enjoy this class.  

Each class includes playtime, providing children with time to socialize, play, and explore!  Add Fundergarden for a full morning (or two!) of learning, dancing, and fun! 


Fundergarden! (Musical Preschool Learning Program)


Fun-dergarten is an early learning program for Little Feet. Through song and hands on learning and games, we explore things like frogs, bugs, bones, hearts, 5 senses, colors, letter sounds, shapes, numbers and more. Caregivers work alongside their little ones (or can wait in the other room), assisting them as needed, and encouraging participation. Children learn to share, take turns, and follow instructions, in fun, musical ways.  


Whether reinforcing what your "little feet" is learning in preschool or introducing some fun new concepts to them, our Fundergarden program provides many of the benefits of a pre-school program and more. Each child is able to participate at their own ability level with their caregiver present, so it is appropriate for children of all abilities, up to age 5.   


We hope that you will find this to be a fun, useful, and affordable resource! Enrollment is required.  Tuition is paid per session, or pre-register to drop in, pending space. 



Birthday parties


Party with Little Feet Dance Street!  Our parties are full of fun, and are very special and memorable! We do our best to make the day easy and fun for you, and the kids have a blast!   

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Our play center features new themes and activities each season and provides children with loads of skill building activities.  Whether they are running the produce stand or bakery, dressing as a princess or doctor, caring for babies or building train tracks, children's imaginations are engaged and they are learning and growing physically, mentally, and socially! There is plenty of room for the children to actively move around, tumble, jump, and bounce. We can also lead the children in a 30 minute music and movement class, featuring a theme of your choice.  Call today to discuss availability, cost, and multiple class options!













FIT Together (Adult Fitness Class- with children)

Fit Together is a program designed for all fitness levels and caters to the parents and caregivers of young children.  Our class will consist of a warm up, stretches, body weight exercises, an introduction high intensity interval training, and core training.  Children are welcome and encouraged to attend, where parents and caregivers of younger babies/toddlers will have the option of incorporating their little ones into the workout.  Children of all ages are invited to attend regardless, and can play with all the available toys in our Little Feet Dance Street classroom for the duration of the class.

Tippy Toe Toddlers (Dance class- Ages 0-5)

Offered in correlation with Kind Performing Arts, this class is engaging for all kids 0-5, and ideal for Ages 18 months – 3 years with a Caregiver.
With a caregiver by their side, our Tippi Toe Toddlers class is sure to be a special & memorable first dance experience for your littlest budding ballerina. These classes are enjoyed by all and introduce pre ballet and movement with the use of catchy, creative and upbeat songs. This class promises to be “Tutu” cute!

Baby Beats (Dance Class- Ages 0-2)

In this caregiver assisted music and movement class for our youngest dancers, the caregiver encourage participation by assisting and modeling. Your child will enjoy bopping along with you with the use of various props and instruments.  Children are encouraged to explore movement in a new and fun way, inspiring within them a love for dance and teaching them to participate together in a structured setting.   

Dance is followed by playtime so the children can move and socialize together.